Thursday, July 31, 2008

God Is Sooooo Good!!!!

I just wanted to share something precious God did for us Monday with you because He deserves all the glory and honor we can give Him.

About three weeks ago, the drillers came and put in the holes for the geothermal lines. They are such nice people. They went on and on about how much they thought of Kenny and were just super sweet. I had never met them before, but Kenny has been working with them for several years now. Anyways, when they finished drilling I went to pay them and they said they would just get with Kenny later because they hadn't figured it up yet.

Monday (three weeks later) I asked Kenny to call them because I needed to send them a check so I could get it marked off my budget. On the way to work that morning I was praying and I asked God to help us so we wouldn't have to borrow anymore money for the house, appliances, or whatever. We are right on schedule with our budget and there was no room left for appliances. We have planned this whole time to buy them from the money we make on our other house when it sells, but we are going to need them in a few weeks so the electricians can wire the dishwasher and microwave in when they come back. So Kenny finally gets in touch with them Monday afternoon and they tell him they've been discussing it and they don't want to charge us anything. Their going rate is $6500 for what they drilled for us. Kenny's boss thought they would charge us around $4500. They say they don't want anything. Kenny argues with them for a while and they finally agree to $500 for the diesel they used but they didn't want to take that. They told Kenny that it was an honor to know a good man and they wanted to bless him and his family. All they wanted in return was for us to pray over a situation that's coming against their business right now. Kenny prayed about it and we are going to send them $1800 and that will leave enough to buy our appliances, plus we get the honor of going to battle for our fellow soldiers in Christ whom the enemy is trying to defeat. Is He awesome or what!!!

If you think about it, please pray for them as well.
Have a blessed day!!!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

More Paint

This is the big color debate right now. This is our flooring, our cabinets, a pillow from my couch, the tile for the back splash in the kitchen, and a lot of color samples because I'm stuck. I bought 5 gallons of the brown on the wall for the living room and kitchen, but after seeing my cabinets against it, it's too dark and too much brown so I ended up using it in my bedroom and the den. I'm trying to choose a color that will make my cabinets stand out since they are so dark and the floor is so dark. The tile has pretty much every color in it. I like the rust color that's above the cabinet, but it's still a dark tone. There is a pale green color I like as well.

This is our bedspread. I used the extra brown paint I had for our room. I still haven't picked colors for the bathrooms.Our room
This is the office. It's a really pretty blue color. We have white cabinets going in here and Morgan has a bunch of lime green accessories.
This is the utility room and the tile for the floor is below. I chose gray walls because the cabinets are white, the countertops are almost a black, soapstone color, and the washer and dryer are red.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Paint, Paint, and more Paint

With Mom and Amy Jo's help, I got the whole house primed, except for the garage, and colors in the bedrooms, office and utility room. I'm still trying to decide colors for the rest of the house. I hope to be finished painting sometime next week. I will take some pictures this weekend and update this post.

Colton's room has three green walls and one orange wall. This is his bedspread and bed below. I got a solid navy comforter for the top bunk and this one will be on the bottom. His room is really bright.
Morgan wanted brown walls so we did three brown and one light blue. It looks really good. This is her comforter. We haven't found a bed for her yet.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Geothermal Lines Are In

We got the holes drilled and the lines installed last week. The guy came and dug the ditch yesterday. Now Kenny has to find time to get in there and hook it all together. People are always asking me how it works and I don't understand it 100% so here's the link if you are interested in it. It will probably be more help to you than I am.

Kenny hopes to have it going by the 26th. Then we will start our floors. We have to let them acclimate to the house temperature for at least 5 days so they don't warp when we put them down. They have a really strong stain smell from where they've been boxed up so long so we need to let it all air out.

We decided to keep the bamboo. Here's a picture of it. I hope we will love it. It's darker than what we wanted, but it's going to have to do. The lighter piece is the sample they sent us, but we got the dark when it came in.

Monday, July 14, 2008

House Update

Hey Guys,
No pictures today. There hasn't really been anything to take pictures of. Just drywall tape on the wall and that's not very exciting.

The drywall guys will be finishing up tommorow and then let the painting begin. I'm taking vacation Thursday through next Wednesday so I can paint. Right now I'm anxious to get started, but by next week I may be calling for re-enforcements. I know it will be fine. I'm trying to not set a goal in case I don't finish it, I won't be disappointed. We'll see how well that works out for me.

The drillers finished and now we are waiting for Kenny to get the duct work built and installed and we have to have someone come dig the ditches from the wells to the house for the geothermal to be complete.

We did get our phone service hooked up and the permanent power turned on so we can hook the security system up. That's exciting.

Our cabinets came in last week and I got to see them. I love them. They are more detailed than I thought. They look really nice.

I can't remember if I told you or not, so forgive me if I did, but our bamboo flooring came in and it wasn't anything like what we saw in the sample they gave us. It was a lot darker and had a very wide grain compared to the maple look of the sample. We were disappointed. They said they would refund our money and pick it up. That is a lot of hassle plus we have to start shopping again. I'm tired of looking at flooring. When we compared it to the cabinet color, it looks really good with it so we may just keep it. We asked them to give us until Wednesday to decide.

Well, gotta go. Just wanted to give you a quick update. When I get some color on the walls, I'll shoot you some pictures.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More Drywall

They are almost finished hanging the drywall. They were 9 sheets short so they will have it delivered today and hang it.
The guy that's drilling the holes for the geothermal brought his drill and got set up yesterday afternoon. He will start drilling today unless the rain stops him. It's really cool how they do it. He took me through the whole process. He and his brother are super nice guys.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What A Deal !!!!!

I went to Lowe's yesterday to get paint and I cruised through the clearance section as my daily routine and got the deal of the year. I have wanted this Samsung Silver Care washer and dryer since they came out, even before I knew we were going to build a house. Red is just one of my favorite colors. They are $2400 for the set and I knew I wouldn't buy them. I walked by the appliance center and they had a red set on clearance. There was nothing wrong with them. They were the floor models and they got new ones in. The dryer has a scratch on it, but Rhonda said I could fix it with fingernail polish (good idea Rhonda). The washer was marked down to $867 and the dryer was $697. I called Kenny to tell him what a good deal that was and he said ask them if they will take any less (he never appreciates a good deal like I do) anyways, reluctantly I asked the guy what kind of price he could give me if I bought both of them. He said his manager just priced them to a lady for $1,200 and I said "I'll take them!!!!" I hate to admit it, but Kenny knew what he was talking about. I bought a 4 year extended warranty for $159 so I got the set with a 5 year warranty for $1,359. Is that awesome or what????? I'm so excited. That was God saying see, I'm still taking care of you as He smiled down on me. Thank you Lord!!!

Our Hunky H&C Expert!!!

Kenny worked on the heating and cooling Saturday. He got the return air boxes put in, the vent holes cut, and the thermostat wires ran. He will work on it again this Saturday and get most of it finished.
These are our spectators. They are good at what they do.

Drywall Has Started

This is the den and below is the hallway to it and the pantry to the left. The other room is Morgan's scrapbooking room. They will probably finish hanging the drywall today and then start finishing it tommorow. It's really exciting. You can actually see what the rooms are going to look like now.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Update: Here's some pictures I promised.

I forgot to bring the pictures with me. I will put them on tommorow. I had the flu last week, Morgan's birthday (4th of July)-AJ and I took her shopping, and then spent the rest of the weekend picking out paint colors. I didn't get finished, but I got a start anyways. Lowe's has a special that runs through today where you can get their Signature Series Valspar paint for around $15 a gallon after you mail in the rebate so that saved me some money.

They are supposed to start the drywall today and Randy will finish up the yard work. He worked on it a little while Friday but got rained out. It looks so much better already. I can't wait until he is finished so I can plant some stuff. My backyard looks like a nursery because I've been picking things up on sale at different places and then have to water them every day.