Thursday, August 28, 2008

Almost Finished With Floors

Just wanted to give you guys a little update.

This is the tile pattern for our bathroom. We will put it down this weekend. We have the tile down in the other two rooms, but still have to grout it. It turned out pretty good for my first tiling experience.This is the floor in our bedroom. The camera batteries were going dead so none of the pictures are bright and clear like they should be.
This is the den. I really like the floors. They went together easily and look great.
This is the kitchen. You can see the deck through the windows. Our contractor came back yesterday and started building it. He had it all finished in 3 hours except for the steps and spindles. We have really enjoyed working with him and are going to miss him when he's gone.
The cabinets are being delivered Friday and will be installed next week. After that, the plumber will come back and when everything is inspected and cleaned up we can start moving. I'm getting really anxious about that.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Flooring Going In

Our flooring came in yesterday and we started putting it down. I really like it. My mom and dad came to help us. It took a while to get started, trying to figure out exactly how it went together, but after that it got easier.

The plan is to finish the flooring and tile hopefully by the end of next week and then have our contractor come back the week of Labor Day and get started putting in the cabinets, build the deck, hang interior doors, and trim everything out. He says it will take him about four days to do all of that. We will also have the plumber come back to hook everything up and get the final inspection on it.

There is a lot of cleaning to be done before we can move in. Lots of dust and bugs from where we had to raise the windows so much in the beginning. I try to clean them as we go, but it's nearly impossible to keep it clean right now with so much going on inside.

I'm hoping we can move the week of September 14.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Finished Painting

I haven't taken any pictures lately because we have really busy and I just haven't thought to. I'll try to do that soon.

I finished the last of the painting last night with the exception of the kids bathroom. They can't choose a shower curtain so we can't choose paint. I haven't painted the garage either. I'm going to do it later because it's a bit of a work/storage zone right now and would get beat up and filthy right now.

We ended up sending our hardwood back. We bought this 1/2" laminate in the Toffee Mahogany. We decided the hardwood would scratch too easily and I didn't want to live the next 10 years yelling at Colton every time he ran across the floor dragging toys behind him or forgets to take his shoes off and brings gravel inside. We didn't like the color of the hardwood anyways, and when the replacement shipment for the damaged material came in, it was what we had originally ordered in the medium color (they said they didn't have any more of). So we are tired of fooling with them and sent it back.

We are going to start putting the tile down this weekend and the laminate will be here Tuesday morning and then we will start laying it. Our contractor only has about four days left. Everyone is kind of in limbo until we finish with the floors so the pressure is on.
We got our appliances delivered Monday and I love them. We plugged the refrigerator up in the garage so we can keep drinks and snacks over there. We forget ice almost everyday and either go without or have to go back to town to get it so this will help out tremendously.

I got a really great deal on all of my appliances. The appliance store was having a tent sale and I was able to save about $1500 on all of them together plus I got a 4 year extended warranty. They are all Frigidaire Professional Series (which mean they have the same handles).

The stove is neat. It has a convection oven. It also has a digital readout above each burner that gives the temp.

This is the dishwasher. It has the food dispenser in bottom and it senses when the load is done so it will run more efficiently.
The microwave is really cool. He says you can't burn popcorn or anything else in it if you use the preset buttons because it shuts itself off based on the steam level inside and cooks things perfectly every time. We shall see.

Everything is going really good, just slow right now. We still think we will be in it right after Labor Day.

Monday, August 4, 2008

We Have Air Conditioning!!!!!!

I've been on strike from painting until we got air, but Kenny finally got it turned on yesterday. Now I have to finish painting this week, get the floors sanded, clean and ready for wood by Saturday. In between all that school is starting Wednesday and I need to make a trip to Clarksville or Evansville to return some stuff and get a nail gun to put the floors down with. A womans work is never done--LOL!