Thursday, February 12, 2009

We Survived The Ice Storm

10 days with no electricity, but we survived.

We joked about how bad we had it, but really it was just an inconvenience. It humbled me when I came to work the next day complaining about my lack of electricity, only to find out that my supervisors 8 year old son had to have a feeding tube put in because he can no longer eat. I look at Colton and remember how blessed we are. We have two beautiful, healthy kids, a great new house, great jobs, wonderful friends and family, an awesome church and most importantly a close walk with our Lord and Saviour. What else do you need? Then something like no lights throws us in to a tizzy. We are spoiled. Lord forgive us.

We went out Wednesday and took some pictures. Even though there was a lot of damage to trees, it was still really pretty.

The trees were so weighed down with ice that they were just snapping. You could stand on the front porch and it sounded like guns being shot in the distance, but it was trees breaking.


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