Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hello Everyone!!!!

Sorry, I know I promised pictures, but I keep forgetting about it until I see the blog and then it's too late because my camera isn't with me.

This week is a busy one concerning the house. I gave up on trying to paint the trim and doors and decided to hire someone to come in and do it. They will come Thursday and Friday and wipe it out. Our dozer guy is coming today or tomorrow to finish the yard and prepare it to sow grass. I can't wait to see something besides dirt in the front of the house. We are still waiting on the sidewalk. We've decided to let our contractor do it, but he's busy right now so we have to wait for him. He said he could get to it before winter so I guess I'm going to have to buy some stepping stones until then.

My goal this weekend is to at least start tiling either my tub or the kitchen back splash. I have to get that done and I would love to use my tub. I haven't been able to yet because we can't put the faucets on until the tile gets done.

Amy Jo and I are going to Paducah this week to look for furniture. We're excited about that. We went to Madisonville Saturday but didn't really find anything. I looked in Hopkinsville yesterday and still didn't find anything. I don't know if I'm picky or the stores just have bad taste these days, but it's been very challenging to find what I want.

Well, I will try my best to remember to take pictures and post them next week. This is my last day of work for the week so I probably won't be on a computer while I'm off. Talk to you soon.


At 10/09/2008 11:39 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Kim, Just been checking your blog for more pictures...HINT! ;) I've been thinking about you..just havent had a chance to email. I bet you're absolutelya thrilled to being in your new house before cold weather starts. Daughter and her hubs have a foundation they're on their way to having a house..sooon! ;)

I got a brochure from Pier One the other day..showing their furniture. I was surprised as to how cute it was. Have you looked on their website? Found anything you liked anywhere else?

More later, Lana :)


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