Monday, September 8, 2008


We got our countertops installed Friday. They look really good. The plumber didn't show up Friday. I talked to him today and he said he would be there after noon. We shall see.
This is the tile we are going to use for the backsplash.
I need to re-caulk. Our builder put white caulk for some reason and it stresses me out.

We had to move the drums for little man. Our new neighbors probably aren't liking us very well. They are really loud because there is nothing on the walls or in the house and it echos a lot. He loves it though.
This is the quilt closet at the end of the hall. Just some extra storage.
This is the pantry. I couldn't get a good shot. I haven't got it organized yet. Right now we are sitting everything in there to keep it out of the way.
We got Colton's bed put up. He's really excited about that. I had to take some of the shelves off to make his tv fit, but we got it in there.
This is Morgan's closet. You can tell by the colors. We think they turned out good together. She really likes it.
Here is my vanity with the mirror in place. I really like it. The other shot is a matching cabinet I got to go behind the commode for storage.Yes, the bathroom is still green for the time being. Their frog shower curtain is sitting on top there on the right.


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