Thursday, October 16, 2008

OK, I'm a BUM!

Sorry, I know I promised pictures. I did take some and just haven't taken them off my camera yet. I will try to do that soon.

We did get our sidewalk put it and it looks great. It was just in time. We have so much dirt that it's just a mud pit trying to get to the house if it rains. It actually rained (after about two months without any rain) the day he put the sidewalk in.

We had Kenny's uncle come finish the trim and doors. Now we just need to finish the tile on the top of the tub and the kitchen back splash. I was going to do it last weekend and ended up having a yard sale. Then we've had revival all week and ended up getting the stomach virus on top of everything else so it's been a little crazy. We will get to it though.

I'm still looking for a couch. I found my table and bar stools on-line so they should be arriving shortly. I hope I like them.

Well, I won't say when, but I will try to update with some pictures soon.
See ya!


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