Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Idea of what house will look like

This is a photo of the house we used for our inspiration. Ours will have clay siding, white trim, and a garage on the end (drive in from the side of the house) instead of the bay window and carport.

We've Finally Broke Ground!!!!!

Praise God!!!! We finally broke ground. I tell you, there were times I thought the day would never come.

This Is Where It All Began

June 17, 2007-Found land and called about it. They had another couple wanting it and was supposed to pay for it that week.

June 29, 2007-Annointed and prayed over land. Asked God to open door if it was His will for us to have it.

July 2, 2007-People called, said the other couple never came up with the money and it was ours if we wanted it.

July 10, 2007-It was official. God opened a door for us to purchase the land and the deed became ours this day.

July 21, 2007-Met with builder and excavation person and looked at area to put the house.

September 12, 2007-Did dozer work and cleaned up area for house.

Sept 13, 2007-put driveway in